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San Pedro de Cuayuca (Mexico)

From 13 to 16 May, Thomas Sukotriraharjo and Fernando Cordero visited the SSCC community of San Pedro de Cuayuca (Mexico), which is located in the south-central part of the state of Puebla. 

In the native language "Cuayuca" means place where trees abound. In September 2017, an earthquake destroyed several houses and the historic church of San Pedro, the seat of a parish that includes 22 communities with 16 chapels over a wide area. 

The visitors, in addition to the meeting with the sscc brothers, Marco Antonio García and Carlos Alonso Cuevas, celebrated the Eucharist in several chapels and in the parish church, as well as sharing the table and moments of conviviality with the parishioners.

The Congregation of the Sacred Hearts has been present here since 2015. The brothers had made a discernment to live in a remote area, in a rural environment, to live simply with the people and to carry out an evangelisation of closeness in the midst of the religiosity of this deep Mexico.  "Contact with the people is fundamental, talking to them, taking advantage of the moments after the celebrations", says Marco Antonio García, the parish priest. Marco experienced the earthquake first hand. For more than a year the SSCC brothers were homeless, staying overnight in the houses of neighbours in the village. They shared the same fate as others who were affected by the earthquake. As the church is a historic monument, it is up to the government to restore it. So far, given the remoteness of the site, there have been no attempts at reconstruction.

However, the SSCC religious, together with the people, have built a temporary church to accommodate this community that needs to live and celebrate its faith. Soon the parish halls will also be finished. The visitors encouraged the brothers to continue with this work which responds to a clear social grounding of mission.

Click here for a link to the photo album of the visit: https://bit.ly/39MP4TW