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Camille’s Visit to SSCC Province of Brazil (Brs)

The visit I made in the Province of Brazil had two reasons: to know the reality of the Province by visiting communities / ministries, and to participate in World Youth Day.

This note is intended as a short review of my stay in Brazil. I arrived on the first of July in the city of Rio de Janeiro. I went to Campo Grande, São Paolo, Belo Horizonte, and to Patrocínio. In each community or project of the Congregation, amidst their busy pastoral schedule and preparation for JMJ, the brothers welcomed me and accompanied me to visit some chapels connected with the principal Church. I noticed that there is still "work" in the Lord's harvest, because great and immense is the pastoral field of our Province. In contrast to this "huge" field of work, the number of brothers is very low. What we need to do is to offer more prayers to God to send many good vocations. I also had the opportunity to meet some sisters, especially in Belo Horizonte. I thank wholeheartedly all the brothers on their commitment to their work, the effort to proclaim the love of God and for the welcome they gave me.

WYD began with the "missionary" week in Belo Horizonte. We saw many young people coming from our places of ministries across the world, especially in Latin America. The week was very good. We did two days in Belo Horizonte and five days in Patrocínio. We all experienced a week of prayer and faith. We were accompanied by their families, by the police and the state authorities. It was noted that young people believe in themselves and know that they are indeed the protagonists of their faith. They really lived the motto of this Year of Faith:"be a missionary." I can say that the Church is alive because the youths are still alive.

On the week of World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, we all went to the community Pindamonhangaba and the Shrine of Aparecida. In Rio, despite the grandeur of the city, it was a joy to see young people from everywhere, with shirts of different colors, singing the hymn of the WYD, shouting "We are youths of the Pope!", expressing that they are Catholic and that they believe in a new world.

The Journey is really a gathering of young people to pray, sing, walk and express faith in Jesus with the Pope. It is worthy to be young and to participate in the Journey. It was an interesting moments of togetherness among the youths.

I want to end by thanking all our brothers and sisters who have accompanied all our young SSCC friends. I recognize that their work was hard, but I saw on each of their faces the happiness to be with the youths, and to share with them this important moment with the Pope and with other young people of the world.

Everything received throughout this World Youth Day is a good seed for the life of every young person in the world. They are truly missionaries of faith in Christ in their countries and communities. A special thanks to the Provincial of Brazil, to Vinicius and all who have helped in the organization of this WYD in Rio in 2013. We take care of our youth of our ministries because they are the happiness of the Church and the future of a better world.

Camille Sapu, ss.cc.
General Counselor