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Closing of the Enlarged General Council 2016 (Brs)

At midday, September 21, the Enlarged General Council (EGC)  of the brothers ended  its meeting. Since the afternoon of September 13, the sixteen major superiors together with the general government had carried out the exercise of “thinking together” about the Congregation.

In the final evaluation,  it was clear that these days were a good experience of fraternity, the brothers were well received by the local community of Rome,  participating in all the habitual housekeeping duties (wash up, setting the table etc…) and taking the time to pray, communal and personal reflection, free time to be with others, etc…

The evaluation also pointed out that the EGC was well organized and proved to be worthwhile. There was the opportunity for sharing information and for dialogue on a good number of topics. The assembly  was pleased with  the reflection given on reparative adoration. There were important decisions made.  The central theme for the General Chapter of 2018 was chosen and the agenda decided upon.

The assembly received a full report on the International Community at Louvain (ICL) which was analyzed and commented upon. The continuation of the community was submitted to a vote. In his letter in the next edition of INFO, the Superior General will give a full accounting of this item. 

The presence of the Superior General of the sisters, Emperatriz Arrobo, was a blessing. She presented the journey until now of the implementation of the decision of the past General Chapter to be one entity organized into geographical areas and spheres of life and mission with one Apostolic Project for the entire Congregation.