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End of the canonical visit to Spain and Africa (Srs)

On May 3 the canonical visit to the Province of Spain and the Delegation of Africa ended with a meeting with the Council of Province and Mission, sharing the values and challenges that the General Government has detected during the visit. It was thanked the welcome in each community, the previous preparation of the visit, the involvement of the sisters in the process that is taking place both by Province and by Congregation, and all the work of support and formation that the different commissions are doing in the province.

The journey that the province is doing was very much appreciated, a journey that is in tune with the process of reconfiguration of the Congregation. This implies, at the same time, learn to "let go…" to "divest…" at all levels: attitudes, pastoral, health limitations and age .... The experience of God and the so deeply rooted missionary zeal of the sisters help giving energy and offering availability to welcome the challenges of the "new face" of the Congregation.

The visit concluded by referring to the objectives for the year of Consecrated Life: "To look to the past with gratitude, to live the present with passion and courage and to embrace the future with hope", undaunted by the difficulties that can be found on the road , knowing that only God can fill our hearts and make us happy.

“This hope is not based on statistics or accomplishments, but on the One in whom we have put our trust (cf. 2 Tim 1:2), the One for whom “nothing is impossible” (Lk 1:37). This is the hope which does not disappoint; it is the hope which enables consecrated life to keep writing its great history well into the future. It is to that future that we must always look, conscious that the Holy Spirit spurs us on so that he can still do great things with us.”  (Apostolic Letter of the Holy Father Francisco to all consecrated people on the occasion of the year of Consecrated Life, n. I, 3)