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New Provincial Government of Indonesia (Brs)

The Provincial Chapter of Indonesia, held at the retreat house of the province, "Batam Oasis Center", has elected a new Provincial Government.
Bonie PAYONG was elected Provincial Superior for the next three years. The council is composed of Lambert ENGA (Vice Provincial), Paulus Budi ("Anto") YUNIANTO, Thomas SUKOTRI RAHARJO, and Martin IRAWAN. The last name was proposed by the elected Government and was confirmed by the Chapter. The new Government thanked the outgoing Provincial, Nugroho KRISUSANTO, for the service he provided during the past three years.

The Chapter ended on Thursday, January 28th, 2016 with the final Eucharist and a fraternal dinner. Also present were the SSCC sisters and members of the Secular Branch. Due to the fact that in recent years there have been new apostolic presences initiated on the island of Sumatra, Chapter decisions are mainly aimed at strengthening the community life in the Province.

The Indonesian Province was established 15 years ago on the March 27th, 2001, but the first SSCC foundation in the country was done in 1923 by the brothers of the Province of Holland. Subsequently, the Indonesian community was considered as pro-province, vice-province and finally a province. Currently it has over 60 members, including temporary the professed brothers. Today several Indonesian brothers are serving in other countries where the Congregation is present: such as in Italy (General House), Belgium, United States, French Polynesia, Chile, Japan and the Philippines.

The ministry of the SSCC brothers takes place mainly through parishes in the islands of Batam, Java, Sumatra and the city-state of Singapore. The formation houses are located in Bandung (postulancy), Batam (novitiate) and Yogyakarta (philosophy and theology).


  • 1. TIAOAO Tahiri ha scritto il 02/02/2016 alle 04:59:

    Félicitation au nouveau gouvernement Indonésien. Que les Sacrés-Coeurs vous bénissent et qu'ils fassent fructifier vos travaux.

  • 2. TIAOAO Tahiri ha scritto il 02/02/2016 alle 04:57:

    Félicitation au nouveau gouvernement Indonésien, que les Sacrés Cœurs vous bénissent et qu'ils fassent fructifier vos travaux

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