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New "Sanctuary of Health and Peace" in honor of Father Eustaquio in Belo Horizonte (Brs)

Dom Walmor Oliveira de Azevedo, Archbishop of Belo Horizonte, joined the community and the media on the memorial of Fr. Eustaquio in the afternoon of Thursday, 31 March, to announce that Sacred Hearts Parish, beginning August 30, will receive the title of Archdiocesan Shrine of Health and Peace. A tribute to Blessed Fr. Eustaquio. He welcomed all the faithful with this greeting.

A holy place of pilgrimage, the new sanctuary proposes to the faithful the experience reconciliation, health and peace. In it, each person may, in a very particular and special way, devote his time to prayer and encounter with Christ.

Reconciliation is available through confessions, where the God of love and mercy is always ready to accept and forgive. Caring for the emotional and physical health, with guidance on nutrition, physical activity, health, wellness, prevention and spiritual retreats. And welcome to all the pilgrims in an atmosphere of peace, serenity and harmony. Relief for stress and tribulations.

Together with the pastor, Fr. Sergio Stein sscc, Dom Walmor announced that on August 30, during the feast of Fr. Eustaquio, it will be made official the elevation of the Church of the Sacred Hearts to become a Shrine of Health and Peace. "By raising the Church of the Sacred Hearts to a Shrine we are returning to the human and spiritual heritage of the Fr. Eustaquio. Here we have specific programs that go beyond the devotion to become school of reconciliation, health and peace. When a shrine is created, is considered as history, the achievements and strong presence of this place for the community”, the archbishop said.