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The presence of Noemi García sscc, with us in India (Sisters)

It's always a pleasure to welcome sisters from different parts of the world into our home. We're thrilled to have Noemi, a Spanish sister, with us in Kolkata since December 13th. India has been blessed with the presence of sisters from various countries who have taught us how to live as women of the Sacred Hearts, and we cherish the memories we've made with them.

Noemi is a young sister with a contemplative outlook on the world and a visionary for the congregation. She's currently staying with us in the Kolkata-Anjali Bhavan community but will soon join the Shanti Rani community in Bhubaneswar. She's here to learn about our way of life, culture, prayer life, community life, and how we carry out our vocation and mission. She's eager to immerse herself in our culture and is mindful of her presence in India, living in the "here and now."

Since she arrived during the festive season, she's been enjoying our way of celebrating Christmas in the community. Noemi had an unforgettable experience with our tuition children, visiting different congregations and gatherings. Noemi and we are making a journey of give and receive, and Noemi is a gift to us, sharing all that she is and has to offer as a person and sister of the Sacred Hearts. In return, we're grateful to have her presence here as we learn from her and share who we are as sisters in India. May God bless each of us in this significant journey.