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Final profession and diaconate of Patrick Joseph Tukidia (USA)

Greetings from New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. This is Deacon Patrick and I wish to share my experience of the last two days. On Wednesday (20 April), We had the Final Vows. Personally, this was a really wonderful experience for me to see my SSCC, biological and Church family (from our parish) witnessing my Vows. Witnessing how surrendered my life to God in the Congregation. 

Though some retired brothers could not make it due to Covid, the ceremony still went on. The Church was not that full. But I can sense a feeling of unity, love and support from all my families as I professed my vows. N inspiring words that I got from Fr. Provincial's reflection is that we have each other as brothers and sisters to walk together as we strive to live our vows. This was comforting and also encouraging for me as I take this big step in my life in a world where some people are not kind and open to religious life and Catholic Priesthood.  

Video of the profession: https://bit.ly/38eQCVV

Photo gallery: https://bit.ly/37H0uIj

The next day (21 April) was the Ordination. I was feeling bit nervous. However, the Mass went well. More people came for this because the Bishop was around. The Bishops homily was straight to the point of what the deaconate is all about. A life of service.  Both within the Community and out there in the parish. Like Jesus who came not to be served but to serve. And to give my life by conforming it to Christ, so through me, the people maybe drawn to Christ. This was a powerful message and it made me realised the sacredness and beauty of this Calling.  He also stressed out the importance of prayer life. To pray for my own salvation and the salvation of others through my daily recitation of the Divine Office. 

After Mass, we had meals and shared stories with everyone who came. It was a wonderful opportunity for parishioners to meet and greet each other after the Covid Restrictions. Both happy and Joyful occasion.

Overall, it was both two big days in my life. It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed and will always treasure both of it.

Video of the deacon ordination: https://bit.ly/38gqzOp

Photo gallery: https://bit.ly/3Lemc50