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Meeting of brothers in charge of apostolic works in Colombia (Brs)

On April 28 began the Meeting of brothers responsible of apostolic works of Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. The meeting has been made up of five brothers from Peru, four from Ecuador, six from Colombia and Alex Vigueras, Provincial of Chile, as moderator. The day began with a prayer and then breakfast in the Vice-provincial House. Thereafter Arley Guarín made the overall presentation of the meeting. He said that the main objectives of this experience is to know a little more and share how we are carrying out our mission as ss.cc. in each of our communities.

Then there was work in small groups in which each brother shared how he had lived his initial formation and how the idea of integration among the major communities is perceived. The exercise was very beneficial because it allowed a very valuable interchange of experiences of the brothers and also because it generated an open dialogue on the possible integration. In order to this, it can be noticed that there is a basic consensus: the integration makes good to all of us. However, it is necessary to make a process that starts with the recognition and measurement of what we have in each community. It was further argued that the fundamental criterion for this cannot be the descriptive presentation of all the shortcomings we have, but the values that drive us to think about something in that direction.

After the dialogue a good lunch was shared in the Viceprovincial House. In the afternoon we moved to the retreat house "Pedro Legaria", of the Handmaids Sisters of Christ the King. After the settle in  the place, the work continued by communities, using a common guideline. This created a rich opportunity to share important aspects of the life of every brother. We ended the day with the celebration of the Eucharist presided by Hilbar Loyaga of Ecuador . When finished, the fatigue was noticeable, but a joyful atmosphere was perceived because of the value of exercise. 


  • 1. Raúl Pariamachi ha scritto il 05/02/2014 alle 22:24:

    Desde el Perú hemos estado pendientes de este encuentro, que marcará una etapa de comunión en la misión.