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New postulator for the cause of the beatification of the Good Mother (Srs)

Rosa Maria Ferreiro ss.cc.
General Superior
All the Sisters of the Congregation
Rome, 8th October 2008
     My dear Sisters,
     Sending you warm greetings from Rome, where these days we are fervently praying to the Father that he may send his Spirit to the Pope and Bishops gathered for the Synod on the Word.
     My letter today has a specific purpose and it is to communicate the decision taken in council on the 4th of the month, to name a new postulator for the cause of the beatification of the Good Mother.
     On one occasion, I communicated to you that our Postulator, Katherine Francis Miller, a sister from the Pacific province of the United States, and living in Honolulu, told us some time ago that she would not be able to come to live in Rome when the presence of the postulator would be needed here in a permanent basis. During these years, Katherine Francis has worked enthusiastically, generously and effectively on the cause of the Good Mother and we are very sorry that it is not possible for her to continue this service, while we respect and accept the reasons for which she has decided to remain in Hawaii. On behalf of all the sisters, I have expressed out gratitude to Katherine Francis.
     We are all aware that on the 24th of October, the closure of the diocesan stage of the process of the Good Mother, will take place in our house in Picpus-Paris. That will conclude the investigation on our foundress carried out in the Archdiocese of Paris. The documentation, properly sealed, will be sent to Rome to the Congregation for Saints and from that moment on the presence of a Postulator in Rome is required.
     We have spent a good bit of time looking for a sister for this service but we have not been able to find one. The proximity of the arrival of this document in Rome, has led us to take the decision to ask Alfred Bell ss.cc, the postulator for the causes of our Brothers branch, to take responsibility as postulator for the cause of the Good Mother as well, for a period of two years renewable. Alfred has accepted and we appreciate greatly his collaboration. And so, at the official closure of the diocesan process for the cause of the Good Mother, at which I will assist God willing, Alfred will take charge of the postulation, beginning a new stage.
     In closing, I want to encourage each and every sister to prepare our hearts joyfully for this great event in the life of the Congregation.
     To celebrate life is always important and this step is an ecclesial acknowledgement of the sanctity of the Good Mother, which although a small one is still significant. Let us rejoice in it and treasure it.
     United in giving thanks for this great woman whom we honor as foundress, I send my love and remain united as your sister in the Sacred Hearts,

Rosa Maria Ferreiro ss.cc.
General Superior