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"BEGINNING OF THE YEAR" in Philippines SSCC (Brs)

The official year of work and studies in the Philippines is just starting on last June 1, after April and May, the summer months (and vacations). At the same time the initial formation began in the area of the Philippines.

On June 1, the Pre-Novitiate started with two candidates: Paul Bison (30), Filipino, and Leo Shibuya (20), Japanese. Their formator is Jean-Pierre Cottanceau, French, belonging to the vice-province of French Polynesia. The Filipino deacon, Jovi Garcia, accompanies them in the community. On the afternoon of June 6, during the celebration of the Eucharist, both candidates officially made their intentions to join the Congregation.


On the other hand, the community of professed students, in the house of DFC (Damien Formation Center), began the activities of the year whit a “starting gathering” (Jun 4-6) in the neighboring town of Tagaytay. The members of this formation community are: three Filipino brothers, Lindo Estrera (37), in the last year of theology; Archie Perez (33), in the second year of theology; and Jose Marie Dumagat (29), who shall study philosophy in this year; and their formators, Enrique Moreno Laval, Chilean, from the province of Chile, and Abraham Aguinaldo, Filipino. Andrew Healy, American, superior of the house, and Noel Flaviano, Filipino, moderator of the area, are joined in the same DFC.

The Novitiate year began earlier,on May 1. The novices are three Filipinos and one Tahitian along with their formators Raul Valverde, Spanish, from the province of Africa, and Oscar Jegaut, Indonesian, from the province of Indonesia.

Finally, twobrothers in temporary vows, both Filipinos, are achieving a pastoral year in the parish that the Congregation serves in Bagong Silang. They are: Michael Hifarva and Edmon Reyes. For their formation issues they directly depend on the professed community.