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Meeting of the missionary brothers of Indonesia Province

On Friday, 3rd June (9.00 - 11.00 am), the brothers of Indonesia Province who are in mission held a virtual meeting with Pankras Olak Kraeng (provincial) and Antun Wardoyo (provincial councillor). 10 brothers who have been sent to different communities of the Congregation were invited to this meeting. Sri Waluyo, Martinus and Rusni (missionary in Japan-Philippines province), Remi and Valent (France), Ferry Indryanto (Leuven-Belgia), Thomas Suko (Rome), Patris and Dion (Berlin), Ferry Tobe (Tahiti). The Provincial Superior, Pankras Olak, presented the latest result of the provincial chapter, while Antun Wardoyo presented the whole program and planning for the celebration of the 100 years the presence of the congregation in Indonesia.

On 27 December 1923, an Apostolic Letter from Pope Pius XI granted Apostolic Prefecture status to Bangka, Belitung and Riau Archipelago (at that time under the Dutch East Indies’ territory). The SSCC province of the Netherlands was given responsibility for the Prefecture. On 9 August 1924 the first missionaries arrived in Batavia (Jakarta). On 14 August, the members of the pilot group arrived in Mentok, Bangka Island. The following day on 15 August, the feast of Assumption of St Mary, the first Eucharist Celebration was celebrated to mark the inauguration of the mission. The theme chosen to mark this great centenary is “A call for renewal”. The celebration will be held on 14 August 2024.

The online meeting was very enriching and so the brothers decided to have it periodically once in two/three months. The brothers appreciated very much the initiative of the superior provincial to facilitate this kind of meeting. The brothers commit themselves to thinking and discern the renewal of the sscc mission in Indonesia in the perspective of the mission that we have in the different provinces and region. The meeting was concluded by a short time of prayer guided by Dion.