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† Sr. Inés Victoria PAZ y MIÑO sscc (Spain)

“True worshipers adore the Father in spirit and in truth”
(Jn. IV: 22)
    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    On the 29th July, the Lord came unexpectedly to take our dear sister INES VICTORIA PAZ y MIÑO (Beatriz), who, after a short illness, which did not appear to be very serious, took flight to the true life with our Father God.
    She was born in Guayaquil in 1920, daughter of a deeply Christian family, from which the Lord choose her to be consecrated to Contemplate, Live and Announce the Merciful Love of God.
    She entered the Congregation in 1942. All her religious formation took place in Rumipamba, Quito.
    She graduated in Education and Arts in the Catholic University in Quito, where she was an outstanding student.
    She loved education and gave herself with enthusiasm to forming young people to Christian and Congregational values. 
    She was a teacher, director and treasurer in the schools of Guayaquil, Cuenca, Rumipamba and also in Pereira and Medellín, Colombia. In 2006 she came to our community.
    She was renowned for her gifts of intelligence, responsibility, creativity and the formation of the young students. She enjoyed being with the children in the School; she educated numerous generations, who today remember her with affection and gratitude. Within all of them, she tried to engrave our Charism, with which she identified and loved.
    She loved Adoration so dearly that she was sent to Rome in 1970 to help sustain Adoration as a fundamental part of our Charism. Many times she was heard saying that this assignment was the best present the Lord had given her.
    She was enterprising and exacting in what she set out to do, a strong and intelligent woman. She gave herself without limit and with great love for education.
    She was loved by her family, especially by her numerous nieces and nephews, who called her with great affection: Aunt Bacha. A few months ago her older sister and brother died within a short space of time; this affected her greatly and from that moment she began to fail daily, in spite of the medical assistance she was given, a lung cancer which was difficult to detect, undermined her health very quickly. In spite of knowing that she is already enjoying the full vision of God, we ask you to offer prayers for her that are recommended by our Constitutions.
M. Antonia García del Valle T. and
Sisters of the ss.cc. San José community.