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† Sr. María Del Carmen DUQUE sscc (Spain)

    Dear Sisters:

    On July 18th and 11 o’clock in the morning, our sister Carmen DUQUE Moreno de Vega went to the Father’s house.
   Carmen was born in Madrid on the 3rd March 1918. She spent her novitiate in El Escorial where she made temporary profession in 1942. At the end of her novitiate and having completed her university studies, she began work as a teacher in our school in Madrid (Fuencarral).
   We remember the ninety year old as simple, joyful, lively and friendly with the pupils, always ready to help, to serve where needed. Her goodness and cheerfulness earned her the love and trust of pupils, teachers and her sisters in the community.
   When she was 60, she was diagnosed as having a serious and painful mental illness which she endured until the end of their life, compelling her to pass long periods in a hospital away from the community.
   In December, 2003 she came to the El Escorial community, which was a great joy for her. She spent her final years with us. She gave us an example of great patience in the way she accepted total dependence on those who were looking after her. Her gratitude for the help and care she was receiving was very obvious.
   We are sure that Carmen has been welcomed with infinite tenderness into the Heart of the Father. However, we ask for your prayers so that cleansed of her faults, she may enjoy everlasting peace and happiness.
   United in the SS.CC.
María Paloma Aguirre, ss.cc.