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† Sr. Louisa MARECHAL sscc (Belgium)

Lord your mercy gives me life (Ps. 119)

   Born in Kuringen (Hasselt) on the 30th July 1916
   Postulant in Tongres February 2 1935
   Temporary profession February 11 1937 in Paris
   Final profession in Laval February 11 1940.
   In Heverlee, the Lord welcomed her into her eternal rest on February 15 2010 having received the Sacrament of the sick
   She worked much of her long life in different religious communities in France: Laval, Coussay-les-Bois, Sees and Paris. Then w her after many years, e find her praying and working in Tongeren, then in Holland, in Meerssen. From there, she returned to Belgium, Heverlee, to "Vogelzang". There she lived in her new and final "home". 
   Although her health was rather weak, we can describe her as a person, always precise and punctual both in the services she could render as in the care she received. It was at the same time a quality and a difficulty in everyday life, both for herself and for those around her.

   She rendered many services, particularly in respect to being hostess. Another of her qualities, when the sisters still wore white habits, she was the seamstress with "golden fingers"!

   A women of prayer, she was very fond of invoking the Holy Spirit and entrusted herself to Him. She formed a flourishing charismatic group in Tongeren. Through regular correspondence, she maintained strong ties with her family and friends.

   After a long illness, and ever decreasing physical strength, she died peacefully and went to the house of the Lord.
   The prayer chosen corresponds to the person:
         Your mercy gave me life
        God gives life and time
         to enable men and women to become good
        A space to weave our life with its joys and sorrows.
        To live! we must learn slowly
        Sometimes with shame and abandonment
        An invitation to be converted to go towards others and towards God
        Accepting to be vulnerable
        To join hands, to kneel
        God walks with us throughout our lives.
        To be human from bread and testimony
        Eternal love never dies!
   Sister Louisa, your struggle lasted long, you fought the good fight, rest now close to our God of love!

Sr José Vivys, and the sisters in Belgium