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† Sr. María Piedad PROAÑO ALVEAR sscc (Ecuador)

All for God, in God and through God
Good Mother

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    Today, the 23rd August, the Father God came for our dear Sr. María Piedad Proaño Alvear (Dolores Piedad), who was born in Guayaquil in 1917. She was the daughter of a profoundly Christian home, with Christian values and who gave two daughters to the Lord: one Sr. Franciscana and M. Piedad, who consecrated themselves to Contemplate, Live and Announce the Merciful Love of God.
    She entered the Congregation in 1942. Her religious formation took place in Rumipamba. She graduated in Humanities and Arts in the Catholic University of Quito.
    She undertook various services within the Congregation which she fulfilled with intelligence, self-giving, responsibly and with much love convinced that to serve others was to serve the Lord. She taught in Rumipamba and Guayaquil. She was vice-provincial, Director and Superior in the Colegio del Centro. In Colombia she was vice-provincial when Ecuador and Colombia were one Province. She was Novice Director and was loved by the Sisters she formed, who remember her with much love and gratitude. She was superior in various communities. She was renowned for her spirit of obedience.

    Because of her delicate state of health, she came to our community in 2004, where she left a memory of her kind, simple and calm welcome. She was a peaceful soul, an intelligent woman, she loved education, she was happy to be with young people when she taught in the school.

    She was deeply prayerful, above all in Adoration, the center and pillar of our Congregational charism with which she fully identified. She loved community life and said she was happy to see the sisters when there were provincial meetings.

    Her calm and gentle personality drew the former pupils, who came to visit her frequently. In community she was concerned about the smallest details of living together. She loved her family, who appreciated her wise and gentle advice, always feeling close to them.

    “Piedadcita” as we have always said with immense affection, your community which you honoured with your affection, suffers to see you go so quickly, but are sure you are enjoying the eternal presence of our Father God. We ask that you intercede before the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary for those left behind, so that your testimony of a simple, silent and fervent life, will help us to be faithful witnesses of the merciful love of Jesus and Mary.

    In spite of being sure that our sister is enjoying the presence of our Father God, we ask you to say for her the prayers prescribed by our Congregation.


M.Antonia García del Valle T. ss.cc.

and Sisters of the Community of S. José