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  • 30.04.2017† Sr. Mary Dolorine PIRES sscc (Pacific-USA) Sister Mary Dolorine Pires, 97 years old, died on April 30, 2017 in Kaimaku Honolulu, Hawaii. She entered the novitiate in 1943 in Kaimaku, Honolulu (Hawaii) and she pronounced her perpetual vows on September 3, 1947 in Nuuanu, Hawaii.

  • 26.04.2017Canonical Visit to the Netherland Delegation (Brs) Felipe Félix Lazcano and  Camille Sapu made the canonical visit April 19 through 26 to the delegation of Holland. They visited two communities: Den Bosch and Teterigen. They spent two days at Den Bosch and they made a visit to the SSCC sisters in Nuland. At pres...

  • 22.04.2017Letter 44 of the Superior General – THE PRIMACY OF LOVE (Srs)

  • 22.04.2017Perpetual Profession of Gema de Paz and Marina Utrilla (Srs) On the 22nd April our sisters Gema de Paz and Marina Utrilla, celebrated their perpetual profession. The celebration which took place in Paraíso, our SSCC School in Madrid, was presided over by Aurelio Cayón sscc, Provincial of the Iberian Province. Nuria Aria...

  • 21.04.2017† Fr. Gerard (Gerry) SHANLEY sscc (USA) Fr. Gerry Shanley, 82 years old, passed away on 21 April 2017 in Harlingen, Texas (USA). He entered the novitiate in 1954 and was professed on 15 August 1955 in Cootehill (Ireland). He was ordained a priest in Cootehill (Ireland) on 25 June 1961. May he rest i...

  • 20.04.2017Provincial Chapter of the French Province (Brs) The French Province celebrated its 18th Provincial Chapter, April 17-21, in Blaru, north of Paris. The chapter had 17 members of whom two were from the Region of French Polynesia. Javier Álvarez Ossorio sscc, Superior General was present. Marie Agnes Roussiale of the...

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